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Now that I have sent at least one copy of my resume to every employer/scam artist/craigslist groupie, I finally have some free time to blog!  Luckily, you didn’t miss out on a whole lot.

Flatbush has been a ghost town this past week thanks to the scorching temperatures.  I quickly realized that as soon as temps hit 90 degrees, daily life in Flatbush comes to a screeching hault……

Local performers and hooligans flee their stage at Prospect Park…..










Garbage-men claim “it’s too hot” for trash pick-up…..










Car-owners can’t bear the heat long enough to finish painting their cars….










Fruitsellers abandon bags of questionable-looking canteloupes on the sidewalk……










EVEN the Trinidad sno-cone man, a fixture on the Flatbush street-vendor scene, has disappeared.  He was unavailable for comments and/or photos but I’ll keep the updates coming.

(not the Flatbush sno-cone vendor)








As you can see, it’s a sad time in Flatbush.  Luckily, there is supposed to be a bumpin’ hip-hop concert in the park this Saturday.  It features Lyricist Lounge, Raekwon, Smif-n-Wessun and Joel Ortiz.  I know none of them.  Regardless, I am sure it will be quite an entertaining evening and the neighborhood will be in rare form.  Wish me luck.


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