Dear BK, I apologize.

So maybe I’ve been a little hard on my Brooklyn confines since I started blogging.  I decided to end August on a cheerful note by sharing a day in my (running) shoes as a venture around Prospect Park.

I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier but I live about 4 minutes from Prospect Park.  It’s basically Central Park without all the commercialized hoopla–it was even designed by the same guy in 1865!  Yup, I did my homework.

  Enough of the history lesson, I know everyone prefers the treadmills with built-in tvs so they can watch The Food Network, anyway.  Today’s run was pretty basic.  I did a loop around the entire perimeter of the park which gave me a chance to capture some of my favorite things nearby.

This is my favorite house I’ve seen so far in Brooklyn.  I have no idea who lives there but I like to imagine this is where Kate and William will stay if they come visit Brooklyn.

Here’s “The Pavilion” movie theater in Park Slope.  It reminds me of a place Seth would want to take Summer to the movies in an OC episode.  Inevitably, she’d stand him up and Seth would end up crying as he watched  Glee 3D all by his lonesome.  Dear Seth, I too cannot find anyone to watch Glee 3D with me…I know your pain.

Then, I ran through a really big puddle and got mud all over my brand new running sneakers.  How embarassing……

Especially since I was trying to impress this cute guy running next to me. 

Luckily, I found some peace after my humiliating puddle accident near the pond (which I’m sure has a more official name).  It is a really nice place to…..and….do…..or maybe…. OK, so I don’t know exactly what the point of ponds are for leisurely purposes but I did meet an Amish family having a lunch picnic by the water and took a picture for them.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them I couldn’t fit all 13 children (my you know what hurts just thinking about it) into any of the 4 pictures I took for them.

And last but not least, a swan.  In the Buddhist book I’m reading, The Buddha In Your Mirror, it says “one should be like the swan…gracefully floating above the water, while kicking like hell below!”  I don’t know how true that is but then again, my mirror needs some windex.


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  1. Kristin Kolat

    hahaha “my mirror needs some windex” my favorite part. i added you to my google your musttt keep blogging or I’ll harrass you. I think you should do a cost of loving in flatbush post about how cheap everytthinggg is there like vegetables, scrubs, and laundry detergent! love you

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