Pick Up Lines

Which is worse; the pick up lines people use everyday OR my responses? 

Pick up line #1

Guy with mad game: Hang up the phone, girl.  You’re boyfriend called me earlier and said he’s cheating.  Come home with me.

ME:  It’s my mom. 

Pick up line #2

Guy with mad game:  Do you have a boyfriend?   

ME: Yes.

Guy with mad game: Do you have a husband?

ME: No.

Guy with mad game: Then why won’t you ever drink wine with me?

ME: I’m really really sorry.

Pick up line #3

Guy with mad game: Girl, you must be from out of town.  Where you from sexy?

ME:  No, actually I live right there. (Pointing to my building….and then realizing it….and then googling a locksmith)

Pick up line #4

Guy with mad game: Look at those legs!  You must be working out, girl.

ME: Yeah, you too man!

Pick up line #5

Guy with mad game: Excuse me miss…Excuse me…Miss….Can I ask you a question miss?

ME: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (continue until voice cracks)

Whoever said you shouldn’t talk to strangers was probably someone who tried to spit game on me.  To all guys with mad game, please don’t lose hope.  I promise your pick up line attempts will not always warrant as awkward, uncomfortable responses as they did with me.  My sincere apologies……    

P.S.  I’m busy busy working on a long piece on Subway etiquette (or lack thereof) so I apologize for my blogging absence every now and then 😦  I swear I really do get bloggers’ guilt!


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