Liquor Stores

Some people cherish french cinema, gourmet cooking or vintage cars.  But being the classy girl I am, I personally appreciate a great liquore store.

Making a “packy run”, as CT-folk like to call it, is really an underrated experience.  I always find a way to turn a quick trip to the liquor store into an hour-long event.   My eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning when I spot a glorious red shopping cart outside a liquore mega-store.  I know this is gonna be good.  Rows and rows of cheap wine, holiday gift sets of oversized Baileys bottles and all seven flavors of alcohol whipped cream!?  If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

Naturally, I was excited to take a looksie at the liquor stores in Flatbush and give them my own review.

First of all, going to the liquor stores in Flatbush is a form of 21 plus window shopping.  The entire store is covered in plexiglass, leaving only a 5×5 foot space for customers to stand.  Behind the plexiglass are large dusty shelves filled with bottles of wine and liquor.  There are usually two or three workers shuffling from bottle to bottle as customers point their finger in every direction.  It is somewhat reminscent of John Travolta’s disco dancing moves in Saturday Night Fever.

I know the plexi-glass is a safety precaution and cuts back on theft…yaddah yaddah yaddah.  But is it just me, or does it feel even less safe knowing the workers need to be protected by 3 inches of think plastic? Don’t the windows cause more issues?  I mean….if I go into a package store pissed off in need of some vodka stat and then I see this enclosement around the alcohol…I’m not going to smile and go for a walk in the park.  I’m going to get MORE PISSED OFF.  Don’t remind me that you are so scared of my drinking habits that you have to hide behind the windows.  And c’mon, don’t be selfish…you could AT LEAST leave the alcohol on the outside so I can read the back of wine bottles and bullshit about the varietal grapes used in a 7.99 cabernet.  Now I have to admit to everyone in the liquor store that I like to drink $3.00 bottles of “Hot Sex”.  Yes, “Hot Sex”.  Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to say that surrounded by a large crowd of your slightly-buzzed neighbors?  “Excuse me, can I have some Hot Sex?”  Let me just say I only ordered this once and I have since then learned my lesson.

On the positive side, prices are good and the store hours are even better.  Nothing is better than snatching a night-cap bottle of 99 bananas on my way home at midnight.  What can I say, I like to go out with a bang.




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  1. Kristin Kolat

    I feel like going into a liquor store there is a like a fancy jewelry store.. where everything is behind glass and you can look but you can’t touch. How are you supposed to compare which cheap bottle of wine has the most alcohol content with this kinda setup?! I think you should do a chronicles of west hartford guestpost on saturday..a little compare and contrast. Lets just say that the 2 am- 5 am no on street parking law in west hartford would never fly on the streets of Flatbush.

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